Regardez ce que disent nos clients


Director of Operations for SPUD.ca is talking about benefits of PosiTrace GPS Tracking solution for their business.

Moving Company - Ferguson Moving and Storage Ltd.

How Ferguson Moving and Storage enhanced operational processes and customer service by being able to view their trucks in real-time report the location of shipments to customers.

Service company - Advance Towing

Moe Shokra, General Manager of Advance Towing, talking about key how PosiTrace GPS Tracking System helped his company save.

La police a déjà trouvé le véhicule volé à l'aide de l'information fournie par la carte de suivi PosiTrace. Le véhicule est déjà retourné chez notre technicien.

Grâce au GPS installé et l'exactitude de nos rapports et cartes nous avons réussi à retourner le véhicule volé sous quelques heures.

Daniela Sovarosi, Département de comptabilité, North Star Mechanical Ltd

It is easy to provide testimonial when you know the company you're dealing with is so straightforward and true to the word!
The Global Fleet Management system, in my opinion, is the best!
Our company works in the oil and gas industry in transport, when a truck starts the system starts tracing. On a big screen of a smart TV we watch the trucks go to their locations. When customers inquire, within a few seconds we know how long would it be for the truck get to the locations.This is a great customer service tool because it assures the customer that we are in control of the situation and know how much longer it'll be till arrival.
A very good part of this system is that it's compact and can be installed under the dashboard. I have recommended this system to a few companies that are very pleased with it, too.
The support team is knowledgeable and helpful. After all, this is a company that makes its own software. It's on the top of the game and one step ahead of everyone else!

Dale Johnson (de J&A Trucking)

Finally, the ability to track our trucks has, for all intents and
purposes, stopped all employees from running personal errands on
company time. If a personal trip is important, our crews will now
call the office to get approval first. In addition they are adhering
to the time allotted for lunch.

Judy Gagnon (de The Window and door centre)

I’m very happy with the service you and your company provides. I love the program… it really helps in scheduling and planning.. I can’t imagine that any company with 2 or more vehicles would not use this system. We started out with one van to test the viability and that’s why we chose the same thing for our other 2 vans.

As you know, there was a mix up this weekend with the install due to non-delivery, but you guys handled it brilliantly and the job got done! Excellent Service!!

Pam (de Scooter City)