positrace pricing

Please fill it the following calculator for a close approximation of the cost.

We will work with you analyze your business needs to ensure you opt in for the right plan and features.

How many vehicles and assets?

Vehicles (GPS Tracking)

Vans, trucks, snow plows

Assets (Satellite Tracking)

Trailers, generators, construction equipment

Which tracking solution needed:

PosiTrace|GSM Basic

(vehicle routing, historical trips report, odometer & engine reports, and more)

SAT One-Way

(location, landmarks & geofences, alerts, automated reports)

PosiTrace|GSM Pro

(As above, PLUS: turn by turn directions, fuel consumption, maintenance module, driver behaviour, alerts, PTO, and more)

SAT Two-way

(As above, PLUS: locate now, panic button, engine on/off, PosiText two-way Garmin)