ELD System

Positrace eld driving

The PosiTrace ELD System is the integrated, FMCSA-certified solution that’s easy for drivers and fleet operators.

It’s the perfect extension to the PosiTrace GPS tracking system, bringing hassle-free automation, ensuring safety and compliance.

We provide everything from rugged GPS devices and in-cab MDTs, to proven apps for phones, tablets, and desktops, with built-in HOS/DVIR.

The PosiTrace ELD System is available now for USA and Canada, and is a fully integrated part of the PosiTrace GPS tracking solution.

  • FMCSA-certified ELD
  • Android ELD app
  • PosiTrace MDT 7” tablet (option)
  • Automated, driver-friendly HOS/DVIR system
  • Full integration with PosiTrace GPS tracking
  • DOT compliance
  • Driver safety
  • Eliminates errors
  • Speeds up roadside inspections
  • Dispatcher is always up to date

Eld mockup

Apps for all your platforms

Easy-to-use apps for managing every aspect of ELD, including HOS and DVIR, let drivers manage their time, switch drivers, quickly handle roadside inspections, and eliminate paperwork.

PosiTrace ELD is a free app that runs on Android smartphones and tablets, and support a variety of connections. PosiTrace HOS/DVIR runs on Android and iPhone.

Using the PosiTrace web desktop, dispatchers get clear visibility into all their drivers’ progress and reports.

Eld tablet


Multi-tasking Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) with industrial-grade components housed in a ruggedized, anti-vibration, and IP64 enclosure, and running Android OS.
The PosiTrace|MDT6 is the ideal equipment for the tough operating environment of your vehicles.

The 7” high resolution touch screen is easy to read, and is powered by quad core processor.

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PosiTrace GPS Tracking

PosiTrace GPS tracking systems offer the best way for organizations to have real-time information about the location and use of their vehicles and equipment assets.

You save money on fuel, phone bills, and other operational costs, increase employee productivity, and prevent loss or theft of vehicles and equipment.

PosiTrace GPS tracking is tightly integrated with PosiTrace ELD, so you get the best performance and reliability.

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GPS Tracking System from Global Fleet Management helped us to have a better view of our trucks and see exactly what drivers do and how our customers are being serviced. We can also check out where the truck has been. It helps security of our trucks and operations. It helps us save many things, most importantly the fuel. I would recommend Global Fleet Management to anybody. We are very happy with them.

Moe Shokra, Advance Towing.