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FMI cable

Required when adding PosiText 2-way text messaging service. It connects the PosiTrace tracking device with Garmin and comes with or without real-time traffic data options. List of compatible Garmin devices can be found here.

Immobilizer Relay

Boosts vehicle security by enabling remote access to the engine and shut off for hijacked vehicles (at next stop).

Regular Hardwire Harness

Regular harness that is included in the set and requires 3-wire installation.

Cigarette Lighter Harness

Optional harness for Plug-and-Play set to power PosiTrace tracking device through cigarette lighter.

OBDII Harness

Optional harness to connect the system through the OBDII Port. Included in the Plug-and-Play set.

Deutsch 9-PIN (JBUS) Harness

Optional solid heavy duty cable that powers PosiTrace tracking device through JBUS port that is usually found in trucks. It is an alternative harness for the for the Plug-and-Play set.

Adhesive Internal Antenna

Regular inside type antenna with adhesive pad that allows its placement on most of interior surfaces to ensure the max clear sky view.

Magnetic Outside Antenna

Optional outside antenna is easily attached to the metal roof of the vehicle for max sky view.

Bolt-Thru Outside Antenna

A fully weatherproof antenna that is robust enough for years of outdoor service while delivering great performance.

Driver ID Kit

With Driver ID Fobs and a special Driver ID Reader, you can now track when your staff clocks in/out of work and when multiple drivers use one vehicle.

Temperature Sensor

Know exact temperature of refrigerated units at any time, view temperature history reports, plus notifications if temperature reaches certain levels.

Panic Button

Increase driver safety with an optional panic button. This feature enables drivers to instantly send an alert -- including their location -- to specified recipients so action can be taken.

Waterproof Enclosure

The PosiTracker|WPE-IP65 is a gasketed waterproof enclosure made of flame retardant polycarbonate (IP65 specifications). It is ideal for installing PosiTracker GX/QL/QLx units in exposed areas, such as on trailers.

Fuel Sensor

Smart sensors for fuel telematics. Fuel sensors are used for accurate level measurement in fuel tanks of vehicles and stationary tanks.

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Finally the ability to track our trucks has, for all intents and purposes, stopped all employees from running personal errands on company time. If a personal trip is important, our crews will now call the office to get approval first. In addition they are adhering to the time allotted for lunch.

Judy Gagnon, The Window and door centre