Asset and Remote Area (SAT)

  • Vehicles and equipment deployed to remote areas, out of cellular coverage
  • Assets you have limited or infrequent access to
  • Equipment that cannot power a tracking device (e.g. container)
  • Generators
  • Construction and heavy equipment
  • Containers and trailers
  • Boats


PosiTracker|SS reporting its location via Globalstar network. The PosiTrace|SAT system doesn't rely on cellular connectivity to track vehicles and assets, so the satellite devices can go virtually anywhere in the world and still operate.

Benefits of our satellite tracking devices:

Vehicle Tracking
  • Locate vehicles in real time
  • Make sound business decisions based on real data
  • Increased employee productivity and accountability
  • Eliminate unscheduled stops and detours
  • Faster roadside assistance
  • Better territory management
  • Operational savings & efficiencies
  • Police timely return of vehicles in use
  • Bill your customers more precisely
  • Optimize financial management
  • Monitor vehicle functions using power take-off
  • Theft deterrent
  • Faster theft recovery
  • Automate your fleet maintenance schedules
Asset Tracking
  • Locate inventory & assets with accuracy
  • Police timely return of assets in use
  • Improve safety of your equipment
  • Reduce unauthorized use of your equipment
  • Theft deterrent
  • Stolen asset recovery
  • Have a better management in the allocation of resources
  • Improve maintenance scheduling
  • Quick response and direction (2-way satellite communication)
Other Benefits
  • Streamline paperwork & reporting
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase speed & efficiency of service
  • Potential insurance premium discounts
  • Excellent Marketing tool
  • Improve company image on the road

PosiTrace|SAT will locate your assets on a pre-programmed schedule and keep the information accessible on-line 24/7, resulting in better protection from theft and enabling speedy recovery. The data captured by our system will also provide you with clear evidence of where your equipment was, based on scheduled locations, eliminating confusion with your customers.

PosiTracker satellite devices have their own batteries, that can last up to several years, depending on how often you configure your locate pings to send. The PosiTracker|SS features user-replaceable standard lithium AA batteries. The PosiTracker|SM has a high capacity that can provide over three years service.

Note: all GPS-based solutions require unimpaired exposure to the sky. Some materials are trans parent to GPS signals, but allow our solution consultants to help assess your requirements.

For the areas where cellular connectivity is not problematic we recommend our PosiTrace|GSM tracking system to monitor your vehicles and other mobile assets in real time.